Who Are The Top 10 Fittest Movie Actors?

top10OK, this is obviously an opinion to some extent, because to really answer this for certain we’d need to pit these guys against each other in a mega Hollywood showdown! Now wouldn’t that be a TV series worth seeing?

You really have to give it to these guys, not only are they talented actors but when you get this kind of movie fit, then you’re in the realms of being a serious athlete too. Sure it pays well, but it is hard work too.

So this is my ‘thought about it during the holiday period’ list of actors that I think would make it into most peoples Top 10 list of the fittest on-screen movie actors.

Tom Cruise – this guy works hard, really hard – and also does a lot of his own stunts. He also works out every day even when he’s not filming. Fit, very.

Brad Pitt – looks at the shape Brad is in for the movie Troy. You cannot fake muscle tone like that without makeup!

Will Smith – one of the nicest guys in the movie business, Will does a variety of films. Many you don’t even see how fit he is, but if you haven’t seen it, check him out in the movie Ali (about Mohammad Ali the boxer) – you’ll be shocked.

George Clooney – a bit unexpected? Maybe. But despite being an ‘older’ guy, he is extremely fit. A regular runner and basketball player, he can run rings (literally) around many younger actors.

Jake Gyllenhaal – maybe you remember a young Jake from his fantastic breakout movie Donnie Darko? Well, look at the shape he is in for movies like Prince Of Persia (a very physical movie) or Jarhead.

Matt Damon – Matt gets a lot of criticism but personally I think he’s a great actor and leading male. Playing Jason Bourne was a very physical role, one which he revisisted twice.

Channing Tatum – this ‘young upstart’ not only melts female hearts with a mere look, but backs it up with the body to match on films such as Magic Mike and The Eagle.

Matthew McConaughey – Also from Magic Mike alongside Channing, Matthew isn’t an action movie star by any means but he’s sure got the fitness to go that way.

Ryan Reynolds – this Canadian favorite of women everywhere is totally ripped in the movie Green Lantern.

Vin Diesel – The man with the voice, Vin has been iconic in the Fast and Furious movies as well as great movies like Pitch Black.

Well there you go, that’s my Top 10. Hopefully you agree with at least some of these, maybe even all of them :-).